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Free to a good dog-free home if anyone knows someone who may be looking for a cat - she is 6 years old, vaccinations up to date, and spayed with no health concerns. Once she warms up to you she is extremely affectionate, and talkative. She is very playful once you get her going, and loves to play fetch. She does have her claws, but these can be clipped without too much fuss. She is not too fond of outside and is best suited as being an indoor cat. She loves chicken flavour and ice cream, and her favourite dinner is chicken and salmon in gravy. She will follow you around and is almost always sleeping where the action is. She is the prettiest cat - around 8lbs. with the softest fur, the biggest eyes, and a unique spot on her right eye.

She comes with everything she could need - a litter box, a new bag of litter, food, a dish, two cat beds that also double as cat tents, a window perch, toys, and treats.

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