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This is now Day 23 of the Death Flu and I hope never to get this again. I haven't had the typical flu-like symptoms (aches, swollen glands, chills, extreme fatigue) in two weeks but the chest and sinus congestion have managed to hang on. Yesterday was really the first day I had some relief - the congestion in my chest has lifted and is starting to clear out. I don't need to spend 30 minutes in the morning trying to hack my lungs out anymore.

Friday I started having heart palpitations that lasted through to Sunday (and a bit today). Apparently decongestants can do this to you, even the kind that you snort through your nose. I didn't know this, but apparently its common knowledge?

Today I just have a throat infection, with referred pain in my ear, which is the most annoying. I'm hoping that because this flu started out as a sore throat that this is finally an indication that it is on its way out, like coming full circle. Or maybe with my weakened immune system I've managed to pick something else up. If that's the case I'm just going to give up now.

The weekends are too short, I need another week off.

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