February 1st, 2010


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You know whats really annoying? When your Office programs keep unexpectedly quitting. Again and again, in every single one, right while I'm in the middle of something, causing me to ctrl+s after every change to the documents.

We got the apartment completely painted over the weekend. The living room/bedroom is a dark-ish neutral grey, the kitchen and bathroom is a semi-bright butter yellow. And to make it pop even more we painted the trim with a bright white.

The only thing left to do is clean up some of the trim, get the paint splatter off the floor, and paint the lower cabinets in the kitchen from the awful dark green they currently are to crisp white.

I may still decide to do an accent wall in yellow/white damask wallpaper in the living room and bedroom to tie all the rooms together. But that can wait.

It was a very satisfying weekend, and even the puppy rolling in the paint was worth it.