January 18th, 2010


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Had kind of a disappointing weekend. I found a Boston in Oshawa who was being re-homed due to issues with the new baby. This dog is perfect for us. But unfortunately I guess it wasn't meant to be (even though I really really thought it was) because this little girl is on a trial stay with somebody else. If it doesn't work we may have a chance to meet her, but the odds of that are so slim that I'm not even entertaining it.

A few weeks ago my mother told me about a police office in Toronto who is trying to re-home his Boston. My stepfather's sister met him in a pet store and got his name and number - of course she threw it out and now I have no way of reaching him. I might stop in the local police station this afternoon just to ask, but I think its a long shot. And we've left our contact information with the manager of the pet store, but I think this is another long shot.

So I'm putting it out there, if anyone knows of anyone else who is looking to adopt their Boston Terrier we would love to meet them. Age is not an issue, nor is gender, medical issues we can handle.

It would be easy enough to buy from a breeder but we'd really like to adopt or rescue.