May 25th, 2009


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Almost there....

Wednesday is the Chrysler hearing to potentially approve the sale to Fiat. I'm optimistic the deal will have approval by the end of the week, despite contention from pensioners who have asked to have the sale delayed. Their hearing is tomorrow, but the judge overseeing this case seems to have a good head on his shoulders. In response to the pensioner's request Fiat filed a letter stating the concern over Chrysler's quickly depreciating assets, stating that a delay could be fatal for the new company. I'm glad to see things moving along as smoothly as they are, this whole thing could be wrapped up by mid-June, and then the plants can finally re-open....and my Jeep can be built!

My end-of-lease inspection from Mazda was better than I thought. $110 for two large scratches, and $480 to replace the badly chipped windshield. The scratches on the spoiler are being ignored, and he didn't seem to notice the driver's side door needing to have the interior safety frame potentially looked at.

My father managed to find me an aftermarket windshield for $240 installed, so the total cost to hand the car back will be $350, plus any excess kms, probably $80 - not too bad at all.