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It has been decided! Joe and I planning to get married this autumn.
Hoping for October 30th, dependent on whether we can book the venue for that day.

Now I need to buy as much as I can before this HST thing kicks in....

Feb. 1st, 2010

You know whats really annoying? When your Office programs keep unexpectedly quitting. Again and again, in every single one, right while I'm in the middle of something, causing me to ctrl+s after every change to the documents.

We got the apartment completely painted over the weekend. The living room/bedroom is a dark-ish neutral grey, the kitchen and bathroom is a semi-bright butter yellow. And to make it pop even more we painted the trim with a bright white.

The only thing left to do is clean up some of the trim, get the paint splatter off the floor, and paint the lower cabinets in the kitchen from the awful dark green they currently are to crisp white.

I may still decide to do an accent wall in yellow/white damask wallpaper in the living room and bedroom to tie all the rooms together. But that can wait.

It was a very satisfying weekend, and even the puppy rolling in the paint was worth it.
Had kind of a disappointing weekend. I found a Boston in Oshawa who was being re-homed due to issues with the new baby. This dog is perfect for us. But unfortunately I guess it wasn't meant to be (even though I really really thought it was) because this little girl is on a trial stay with somebody else. If it doesn't work we may have a chance to meet her, but the odds of that are so slim that I'm not even entertaining it.

A few weeks ago my mother told me about a police office in Toronto who is trying to re-home his Boston. My stepfather's sister met him in a pet store and got his name and number - of course she threw it out and now I have no way of reaching him. I might stop in the local police station this afternoon just to ask, but I think its a long shot. And we've left our contact information with the manager of the pet store, but I think this is another long shot.

So I'm putting it out there, if anyone knows of anyone else who is looking to adopt their Boston Terrier we would love to meet them. Age is not an issue, nor is gender, medical issues we can handle.

It would be easy enough to buy from a breeder but we'd really like to adopt or rescue.
Driver killed after reversing car down Hwy. 401

This was beyond a bad decision, it was the result of a complete lack of common sense on the part of the driver. This driver's death is a blessing to the rest of us.
Working with people on the other side of the world can be very frustrating. Things move at a snail's pace because when you're in bed they are working, and vice versa. I almost feel like to move things along faster I should be staying up all night just to answer emails. I would at least get more done in a shorter amount of time.

I hate when things move slowly.
I was notified last week that Gizmo is a finalist for Canada's Naughtiest Dog. We were asked whether we were interested in doing some media stuff if the opportunity arose. I said yes, not really thinking anything would happen.

But! There will be an article in the Toronto Sun tomorrow about the contest / Gizmo, and the two of us will be on Breakfast Television on September 2nd (hoping she's extra bad that day).
I got my butt kicked Saturday afternoon at Arabesque. I took two classes back to back and I thought that by the second class I would be loose enough to be able to nail everything, but it was actually the opposite - by the 2nd set of 6-minute non-stop shimmies my muscles were like jelly and would not obey.

Joe started his new job today, which means that the Gizzler is at home alone for most of the day. She looked pretty forlorn as I walked out the door, I'm hoping she'll continue to be as angelic as she has been, but we'll see in a week or so when she realizes this is a permanent thing.
Free to a good dog-free home if anyone knows someone who may be looking for a cat - she is 6 years old, vaccinations up to date, and spayed with no health concerns. Once she warms up to you she is extremely affectionate, and talkative. She is very playful once you get her going, and loves to play fetch. She does have her claws, but these can be clipped without too much fuss. She is not too fond of outside and is best suited as being an indoor cat. She loves chicken flavour and ice cream, and her favourite dinner is chicken and salmon in gravy. She will follow you around and is almost always sleeping where the action is. She is the prettiest cat - around 8lbs. with the softest fur, the biggest eyes, and a unique spot on her right eye.
ChrissyCollapse )

She comes with everything she could need - a litter box, a new bag of litter, food, a dish, two cat beds that also double as cat tents, a window perch, toys, and treats.
I love my Jeep. I've had the top off 2 days so far. Saturday I was driving around in the rain and I did not skid. I'm thinking of going off-roading soon. I've been waved at by a few other Jeep drivers, I guess its some kind of club thing.

JeepCollapse )

May. 25th, 2009

Almost there....

Wednesday is the Chrysler hearing to potentially approve the sale to Fiat. I'm optimistic the deal will have approval by the end of the week, despite contention from pensioners who have asked to have the sale delayed. Their hearing is tomorrow, but the judge overseeing this case seems to have a good head on his shoulders. In response to the pensioner's request Fiat filed a letter stating the concern over Chrysler's quickly depreciating assets, stating that a delay could be fatal for the new company. I'm glad to see things moving along as smoothly as they are, this whole thing could be wrapped up by mid-June, and then the plants can finally re-open....and my Jeep can be built!

My end-of-lease inspection from Mazda was better than I thought. $110 for two large scratches, and $480 to replace the badly chipped windshield. The scratches on the spoiler are being ignored, and he didn't seem to notice the driver's side door needing to have the interior safety frame potentially looked at.

My father managed to find me an aftermarket windshield for $240 installed, so the total cost to hand the car back will be $350, plus any excess kms, probably $80 - not too bad at all.

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